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Athens offices

Pyrna B

An attempt to rehabilitate the disruption is established in the place where the relationship with the sea and the environment was being challenged for a century. The recovery of the space of the Fertilizer factory is a vision, both at local but also at metropolitan level. The public character of the intervention is at stake. The disruption of the local society with its reference space is being rehabilitated, giving back to the wider city an important space next to the sea.

The adjacent city obtains a park, a space with designed planted area of 120 acres, equaling to 20% of the total. The shortage of green spaces and social infrastructures are being balanced out while, at the same time, acquiring advantages of metropolitan dimensions

The seaside rocky landscape with the dry vegetation overtakes over the remaining area allowing with its low plants the views and vistas to the Saronic gulf and its islands. The amphitheatrical layout of this landscape allows the placement of uses with panoramic views and obtains important value for the entire Athens metropolitan area.

plan 1st floor
plan 2nd floor
floor plan 1st
floor plan 1st 2
floor plan 2nd
reflected ceiling & lights 1st floor
floor plan 2nd 2
reflected ceiling & lights 2nd floor
work space 1
drop in 1st floor
drop in 2nd floor
central informal meeting
informal meeting 1st floor
project space PS 02 1st floor
Medium Meeting room MM 02
Medium Meeting room MM 01 2nd
Medium Meeting room MM 01 1st
Small Meeting room SM 01 1st
Small Meeting room SM 02 1st
Small Meeting room SM 01 2nd
Small Meeting room SM 02 2nd
Large Meeting room LM 01 2nd
Large Meeting room LM 01 1st
XLarge Meeting room XLM 01 2nd
XLarge Meeting room XLM 01 2nd2
Quite zone QZ 01 1st
Quite zone QZ 01 2nd
Phone room 12
Phone room 1
Phone room 3
Phone room 1.2
Phone room 3.2
Phone room 2.2
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