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Rehabilitation at the edge of restoration

Rehabilitation and Reuse of former brown coal mining  areas in West Macedonia


Macedonia - Greece 

A widely disrupted ecosystem resulting from intensive mining exploitation is located in between a large number of settlements next to the towns of Kozani and Ptolemaida. The community of this region bears a heavy burden by living on a daily basis in a landscape that is being torn.


The landscape rehabilitation procedures have given back areas of new earth relief and planting that has been recovered by nature.

The project concerns one of the rehabilitated areas and the goal is to recover on a social level the rehabilitation and its reuse.


The Vision is the creation of a significant park at the heart of the mining area that will signify the beginning of the healing and the re-establishement of the traumatic relationship of the local community with its landscape


The Strategy concerns both Environmental and Social sustainability. Mild interventions on the “new natural”, without excessive configurations or subversions, further support the social sustainability of the park. The park as “property” of nature and the community shapes the future landscape of the area. 

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